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Condition Survey


The purpose of the survey is principally determine the actual condition of the vessel supporting with photos, reporting existing extent of damages, other than fair wear and tear, which may have occured to the ship between two dates, usually those of the commencement and termination of charter. Thilst the determination of damage is principle purpose of the two requisite reports, one being at the on hire survey and the other at the off hire survey, there are oftern three other requirements

These requirements for off hire / on hire condition survey are ;

  • The survey and checking of documents and certificates
  • The survey establishment of quantities of fuel and stores on board
  • Sometimes the survey establishment of the cleanliness of the cargo spaces

OMEGA provide On hire / Off hire survey inconformity with above.

Visualy inspection of vessel holds, main deck and cargo working areas are performed to identify any damage present prior to the vessel going on hire or off hire. This survey is carried out by our marine experienced surveyors

OMEGA’s surveyors visit vessel minimum one day before the completion of discharging operation to determine damages(if any) to protect clients benefits